About Us:

The Camelia Institute seeks to improve the quality of life of disabled seniors living in deplorable conditions worldwide by way of donated medical equipment in the United States. We want to make life a little bit easier for disabled seniors by providing them with safe, reliable, and free medical equipment with the intended purpose of increasing their independence. Our ultimate goal is to allow residents of impoverished areas to become less dependent through the use of recycled medical equipment.

The Problem:

Founders of the Camelia Institute have seen firsthand the horrible conditions senior citizens are living in the Dominican Republic. Not only are the living conditions of many seniors deplorable, it is entirely unnecessary.

The Solution:

Tons of usable medical equipment are tossed in local landfills annually. Rather than discard these non-intrusive medical equipment, the Camelia Institute is asking the community to donate their unwanted equipment to our organization. The Camelia Institute identifies "non-intrusive" medical equipment as: walkers, canes, wheelchairs, shower chairs, portable potties and similar non-intravenous equipment. This donation will be given to seniors in nursing homes in the Dominican Republic who are barely able to function, let alone properly accommodate their residents.

How it Works:

·       Engage community to donate unwanted, but usable medical equipment or monetary contributions.

·       Collect equipment from donors.

·       Sanitize and ensure equipment safety.

·       Ship equipment overseas via reliable carriers.

·       Pick items up, ensuring the equipment was not damaged and is safe for seniors to use.

·      Donate equipment to a nursing home with an established need.