Become a Camelia Institution Supporter and Stay Up-to-Date
• Your involvement and support plays a critical role in running our institution. There are numerous ways you can help us better the lives of the less fortunate. Here are a few:

1. Volunteer or Intern
• We are doing all that we can to effectively pursue our mission. However, we can accomplish great things by working together. We have attracted many eager volunteers to help both in New York, and the Dominican Republic. These volunteers are actually eager to help with this project because they are aware of the tribulations faced by the disabled poor in third world countries, specifically the Dominican Republic.

• We are searching for dedicated individuals to help us run this project. If you would like to volunteer or intern, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: &

We cannot do this without you! :)

2. Donations
• Starting & running a non-profit requires a great deal of money. (Please note: we are not a nonprofit, though we aspire to file for 501(c)3 status depending on the success of our initial project).  Donate now to help support our ongoing project in providing mobility!
• Donate your used medical equipment and help a financially deprived elderly become mobile again. Your walking cane can be the reason an elderly person is able to socialize with others again.

3. Partnership
• The Camelia Institute seeks to develop a partnership with different organizations to be designated drop off centers throughout the New York City boroughs. If you are a part of an organization and would like to help us collect used medical equipment, please contact us.